Chicken Bristle Road


My business had this name long before I ever knew what it would be naming. It’s now where I call home, but it was a dream long before I lived there. It represented me leaving behind my certain, confident life as a high school teacher, a life I loved, to embrace the scary and unsure life as a new mother. A life I now know that the word love can’t even begin to describe. 

I had always planned to go back to teaching. I truly enjoyed everything about it. Connecting with the kids, teaching science, and honestly - I really love school supplies. (Inkjoy gel pens and frixion markers are life! ) In my mind, teaching had always been what I was meant to do. But when our home burned down in December 2013, just a few short weeks after my oldest son was born, I knew at that moment, that teaching wasn’t something I would be returning to for some time. 

There are far worse things in life than losing material possessions or even a home, but in those first days I cried a lot about the things we lost. Clothes. Shoes. Books. New baby gifts. For a long time after I still felt loss. Losing the vision I had of growing a family in that home was far more difficult to accept, though that too is something that I have grown beyond. 

Yet still to this day thinking of that house fire makes me emotional. Now I cry for different reasons. No longer are the tears for the things that were lost, but for the so many things I have gained. The list is longer than I have time to write (and probably longer than anyone reading has patience for), but this business is a very big part of that list.

Chicken Bristle Road is now a reality - one that not only makes my “job” not feel like work, but one that allows me to stay home with my kids and watch them learn, play, and grow everyday. And I have all of you to thank for that. So thank you! 🖤

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