Five Months

About Sutton

This might be the last month of my last baby being a baby. Wow! What a mouthful. 5 months is one of my favorite ages. So many smiles and giggles and rolls upon rolls of sweet baby chub. Getting interested in moving, but still needing to be carried everywhere. Not feeding every 2 hours, but still only nursing. Just a little baby, but no longer a newborn. My heart breaks a little to think it might not be much longer before she is getting places on her own, eating big girl food, and doing so many other things I’m both excited to see, yet not quite ready for.

Don’t get me wrong. My boys crack me up everyday. There is barely a moment that goes by where I’m not thinking how funny or smart or cute or sweet one of them is. But there is no comparison. Babyhood is just the best.

When Owen was born I never got a chance to revel in his babiness. Which is a shame since at that time I had fewer other distractions to take away from that time. But he wasn’t here long before he became sick and everything was scary. I didn’t get to enjoy his babyness.

Then Hudson was born, and thank goodness he was healthy and happy, but I wasn’t. It took so much time for me to heal and get back to being myself after a traumatic pregnancy and birth that I again missed out on enjoying the baby stages.

So finally with Sutton I have gotten to soak up my baby being a baby. Admittedly, it’s still not always easy with two crazy toddlers also stealing her attention all day long, but I do know that even without them these days would be gone too fast. So here I am taking a thousand pictures, trying to remember every little smile and laugh. Because I can feel it coming - one day too soon she will be tagging after those brothers who can’t get enough of her and her true baby days will be a thing of the past.

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