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Guys...I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. "How can you let your toddlers wear white without them ruining their clothes?" We have all kinds of adventures in our awesome small shop gear, and we don't baby anything. We buy to wear. 

So here's my secret weapon to keeping their clothes looking new (and I'm definitely not getting paid for this review by any means...I just have messy kids like most of you probably do!). 

Buncha Farmers.

This not-so-secret-secret is well known in the cloth diaper world to be the magic stick of all stains, and it is true. If it can get out EBF (exclusively breast fed) poo stains, it can get out dirt, cheeto dust, and magic marker. 

This little bar is exactly why my kids will outgrow & pass down all of their whites, rather than staining & tossing them. I put a little on pretty much every outfit before it goes into the washing machine, and for really tough stains I'll lay the garment in the sun for an hour (after they're washed, but before they're dry). It's a rare day around here that I have a stain too stubborn for Buncha Farmers and sunlight.

This spray from All About Cloth Diapers is my favorite way to use my bars, but it is just as good used in stick form! Either way, you won't be sorry when your raglans stay white and stains disappear the first try!


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