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When exactly did these little babies turn into little men? I felt like this time would never come, but now that it is here it is way too soon. Yeah, maybe I’m being a little dramatic.  But it’s so hard not to feel a little dramatic when it comes to my babies making such a big step into their own little independent lives.

Owen has been begging for this opportunity for what feels like a year at least. He is obsessed with school and the idea of learning. He loves to play learning games and do worksheets. He was barely talking at age 2, and the first things he said were his alphabet and numbers 1-10 both forwards and backwards. He wasted no time learning how to add, subtract, learn his colors, write all of his letters, numbers, and draw his shapes, including a dodecahedron, which, yes, I had to look up to check. 

Hudson hasn’t been as gung-ho learning, and he’s still my baby so it is maybe even harder to see this day coming so soon. He doesn’t like to be too far away from me yet, so the idea that he’s prepared for me to leave him at school (which he assured me he was while we were checking some out), is maybe more devastating than the fact that they are old enough to go.

So all of that was a long way of me saying that the boys are starting preschool in August. I’m more than thrilled with the program they are going to get to participate in, and truly can’t wait to share more about it. But the sad (and exciting) reality is that my day as a full-time stay at home mom of 3 are growing shorter. I really want to stay present and make some amazing memories these las few months. Maybe preschool is only part time, but it’s taking part of my time with them. The time I take for granted every day.

We are going to create some bucket lists, to be sure we are using our time to maximum memory making potential. The first list is for spring, and I can’t wait to take some time to get their ideas, my ideas, and your ideas and narrow it down to a great spring bucket list!

Comment here if you have some bucket list ideas!


Shoes: Timberland
Jeans: Bro and Bow Designs
Hudson Shirt: Chicken Bristle Road
Owen Shirt: Rockin' Llama Co.
Cardigans: Beau Hudson
Hat: Chicken Bristle Road

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