The day after the day that our house burned down

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It’s still strange to me how our minds alert us to important memories. You know, that jolt you feel when you remember something all at once? Sometimes it’s triggered by a scent, of maybe by a picture. Sometimes it just pops itself into our mind for unknown reasons.

Yesterday marked 4 years since our house burned down. Owen, my oldest son, was just a few weeks old at the time. Even though no one was injured, the event was still devastating for a lot of reasons, including some beyond the obvious. But that is not what this story is about.

In my mind, yesterday was just a typical day to me. I looked at my calendar and phone no fewer times than I do any other day, but for some reason the date didn’t register anything out of the ordinary. My kids said crazy shit, I drank too much coffee, and I didn’t get enough sleep. It was just another Friday.

Today though? I woke up and as soon as I checked my phone I felt it. The jolt. There it was. December 30. The day which marks 4 years since I dried the tears and determinedly made the decision that I was going to build a business around my son.

That fire lit a fire. I still feel that fire & determination right in the pit of my stomach when I think back on it. That feeling is how I know all of the events were just the build up, the path I had to take to get me to where I am today. That feeling is how I know I am doing what I was meant to be doing. And that feeling is why my brain has formed the memory of today, the day after the day that our house burned down.

Owen, almost exactly 2 years ago at our new home in the original “attitude is everything” shirt .

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