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I’m not sure if it just comes with being first born, or if it just came with being my kid (because if I’m being honest, it isn’t just Owen that seems to show this characteristic, his just seems the most prominent so far). But since birth Owen has always been strong willed. He decided to make his way into the world when he was ready, 3 weeks early (well before I was prepared), and has done everything else on his time as well.

While it can definitely super stressful at times, some parts of him being so willful have been really fun, too. We have been talking about Valentine’s Day, and this year is sort of one of the first times he has gotten into the idea of sending some. So we made a list (because that’s what I do - I love lists!) of everyone he wanted to send a card to. I planned on grabbing a cute pack of Valentines the time I went to Target as well as some Starbucks cards for the adults he chose and calling it done.

That isn’t what Owen had in mind though, and the stubborn little guy convinced me we were not only making these Valentines, but that everyone was getting a picture of him enclosed as well because evidently “ALL Valentines” have pictures in them. So we went out to a nearby place in the freezing cold to snap some photos (something which I cannot explain my level of awful). He whined about the cold, I whined about him whining, and 15 minutes later we got back into the car to about 25 unusable pictures. 😂


Thankfully a sweet friend who knows what she’s doing was able to edit one enough to be usable. Good thing also, because I do not plan on enduring that anytime soon. What happened to the model taking direction from the photographer? I think Owen has that one turned around. 

All in all though, it was sorta fun and I am pretty excited to see what his plan is to give them their finishing touch. Can’t wait to share pics of the final products with you when we get a chance to work on them this week!

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