Meet The Maker

When I thought about working from home with my kiddos, I knew I would love being able to spend all those small moments with them. The ones between the big moments that are often forgotten, but where so many great memories can be made. 

I had no idea that this business would be so much more than just giving me the freedom to work from home. So much of what I do is not only inspired by my kiddos, but also things we do together. Owen had a strong opinion on fashion, and loves to have a say in what he wears. His collection is full of the styles and designs that he loves. We look at fabric together and so many pieces are things he has asked me to make for him!

Hudson on the other hand has no interest in how his clothes look, but has a lot to say about how they feel. He loves soft fabrics, sleeveless items, rompers, and harems! All the things he can run and play in are what he prefers. 

And my lovely little girl, my third baby. Sutton gets a collection all to herself. It’s all inspired by her, some even before I knew if I’d ever have a girl. It’s full of items with a more feminine energy that are still bold and really trendy. 

When I look at the collections I get the privilege of making for your kids, I don’t just see the prints and styles. It is almost like I have a little baby book that lets me remember snippets of what my kids were like before and what they have grown to be now. When you get a package from Chicken Bristle Road, we are sharing a little piece of our life with you. We are so happy to welcome you to the family!